25 Officers of Forest Department suspended by KP Government

Our Correspondent

PESHAWAR: Riaz Khan Mahsud, Commissioner Malakand visited Kalam and observed illegal cutting of forests. It was immediately reported to the Chief Secretary. The CS appointed three members commission to inquire into the matter in 7 days time. The inquiry team including Commissioner Malakand Division, Secretary Forest Department, Mr. Shahidullah & Secretary IPC Muhammad Ali Shah visited Kalam and held a detailed inquiry. The Chief Minister and Chief Secretary immediately took action on the basis of the inquiry report and suspended 25 officers of the Forest Department. These include: 2-Forest Officers, 5-Range Officer and 18 Foresters:1- Mr. Shah Hussain, Ex-Divisional Forest Officer, Kalam Forest Division, presently attached with office of CCF-I, Peshawar 2- Mr. Hasnain, Ex-Divisional Forest Officer, Kalam Forest Division, presently working as DFO (Silva), FP&M Circle, Peshawar). 3- Mr. Junaid Alam Khattak, Range Forest Officer/Incharge SDFO Kalam Forest Sub Division4- Mr. Sardar Saleh, Range Forest officer, Kalkot Range5- Mr. Shah Aslam, Deputy Ranger/Incharge Bahrain North Forest Sub (1) Division6- Mr. Gul Zada, Deputy Ranger/Incharge SDFO Kalam Forest Sub Division7- Muhammad Zada, Forester/Incharge Kalkot Range8- Mr. Irshad Ullah, Forester/Incharge Kalkot Range.9- Mr. Sherin Muhammad, Forester. 10- Mr. Shakir Ullah, Forest Guard, Ghaheel Beat. 11- Mr. Shoukat, Forest Guard, Maidani Beat.) 12- Mr. Ghulam Said, Forest Guard, Maidani Beat. 13- Mr. Asad Ullah, Forest Guard. 14- Mr. Saeed-ur-Rehman, Forester, Balakot Block. 15- Mr. Bilal, Forester, Kalam Block. 16- Mr. Munawar Islam, Forester Kalam Block. 17- Mr. Nawaz Khan, Forester, Kalam Block. 18- Mr. Sher Bahadar, Forester. 19- Mr. Hamayun, Forest Guard, Ghaheel Beat. 20- Muhammad Hakim, Forest Guard. 21- Mr. Ihsan-ud-Din, Forest Guard. 22- Mr. Yahya Bakhtiar, Forest Guard. 23- Mr. Inayat-ur-Rehman, Forest Guard. 24- Mr. Aziz-ur-Rehman, Forest Guard.

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