AJK police kicks off legal proceeding against drug traffickers gangs

Our Correspondent

MIRPUR:AJK Police here initiate legal proceeding against the recently unearthed alleged notorious drug mafia / international band of drug traffickers belonging to Kotli, Azad Jammu Kashmir and their alleged accomplices belonging to various sections of life including certain police officials in the area. Mirpur Senior Superintendent of police Raja Irfan Salim told media here late Tuesday that since the drug traffickers and their facilitators were not only the menace of worst kind in the society but also the killers of the humanity. “It is the legal and moral duty of the police to bring the drug paddlers to justice under the very spirit of saving the society from the menace of narcotics which have become the permanent threat to the society”, he added while unveiling the story of the recent police success in unearthing an international drug-traffickers gang led by their alleged ring leader Raja Mushtaq Nawabi belonging to Kotli district of AJK. The SSP said that the police have already rounded up the above drug-traffickers band in Kotli which, he added, was involved in heroin smuggling to various countries for the last 29 years. Police, he said, in a swift action rounded up 12 members of this gang and recovered and confiscated 16 leather jackets containing 14 kilogram of heroin, booked for Britain. “Besides, the police also recovered and confiscated the drug money of Rs. 04 million, raw material, 02 vehicles purchased of the drug money and another drug money amount of Rs. 102.02 million which had been transferred through a nameless banck account”, he said. Irfan sought the due cooperation and assistance of masses to the police to eliminate anti-social elements and the crimes from the society. police will leave no stone unturned to uproot and wipe out the anti-social evils from the society in view of its (police) responsibility to wipe out crimes from roots, he concluded.

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