India engaged in conspiracies against independence movement of Kashmir: Altaf Ahmed Bhat

Staff Reporter
Islamabad: President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat has said that India is engaged in conspiracies against the independence movement of Kashmir. In order to change the proportion of the population in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, more than 2 million domicile certificates have been issued to Non-Kashmiri Hindus. The sacrifices made in Kashmir demand that Pakistan play a proactive role on the diplomatic front regarding Kashmir and thwart Indian conspiracies.He expressed these views while addressing the Asian Media and Business Awards Ceremony organized by the Asian Cultural Association of Pakistan yesterday.Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqat, Chairman Sweet Home Zamrud Khan, Former President of PFUJ Afzal Butt, General Secretary Asian Cultural Association of Pakistan Syed Sohail Bukhari, Former President of CDA Union Chaudhry Yasin, Secretary of National Press Club Anwar Raza, Finance Secretary of NPC Sagheer Chaudhry, Senior journalists Aqeel Ahmad Tareen, Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Dar. Mazhar Barlas, TV Anchor Ali Raza Alvi, Raja Bashir Usmani, Raja Kafil Ahmad, Nisar Ahmad, Shamshad Mangat, Raja Abrar, REnowned Businessman Mushtaq Askari, Shafiq Butt, Sheikh Shabbir, Hammad Mir, Ahtisham Mir and a large number of people attended the award ceremony.Addressing the function, Kashmiri leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that Kashmiri people are fighting for the completion of Pakistan. Without Kashmir, Pakistan is incomplete. All avenues for peace in South Asia pass through Kashmir.
The Kashmiri people have played their role beyond what they could. It is an everlasting story of sacrifices and aspirations that the Kashmiri people have made. Thousands are locked up in prisons, thousands missing, millions left their homes and migrated.The Kashmiri people are making all these sacrifices for the freedom of Islam and the completion of Pakistan. Inshallah, as a result of these great sacrifices of Kashmiris, Kashmir will soon reach the goal of independence. Bhat added.President J&KSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat asserted that, In the last few months, more than two million Hindus will be given Kashmir domiciles. There is a conspiracy to change the proportion of the population in occupied Kashmir. India wants to snatch Kashmiris from their language and culture. He said that it is the responsibility of our media that the statement of truth be placed before the world.Indian extremist organizations are chanting slogans to destroy Pakistan. Threats are being made to attack Kashmir. Hindu extremist organizations should be aware of their intentions. Kashmiri and Pakistani people should unite and fight to thwart India’s ambitions. Kashmiri people are fighting for the defence of Pakistan. Kashmiris should be supported at all levels.Bhat further added that, Today, India has inflicted extreme oppression on Kashmiris. Holi is being played with the blood of innocent Kashmiris. Due to double standards and contradictory policies of the world, the Kashmir issue has been unresolved for the last 73 years.Today, Muslims all over the world are protesting against the accursed President of France. They cannot tolerate the insolence of the President of France in honour of the Holy Prophet. The enemy is conspiring against Muslims and Islam. All Muslim countries including Pakistan should cancel all the agreements with France, and boycott french products.At the ceremony, the government was requested to award Pir Syed Sohail Bukhari Civil Award of Pakistan, in recognition of his services for Pakistan for 38 years in all sectors including Media, Business, and Culture.