Proclamation notice summoning Nusrat Shehbaz displayed outside court

LAHORE: An accountability court in Lahore has started the proclamation proceedings against PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif’s wife Nusrat Shehbaz over her perpetual absence from the trial in a money laundering case.

A proclamation notice requiring her to appear before the court on November 11 to save herself from having to face adverse legal action was pasted outside the court by the investigation officer of the case.

“Accused Nusrat Shehbaz Sharif whose complete description and address has been given above [in the notice] has allegedly committed an offence of corruption and corrupt practices. It has been reported on the warrant of arrest issued against her that the said accused cannot be found,” read the notice.

The court, according to the notice, observed that the absconder is deliberately hiding to avoid the execution of the warrants.

“Proclamation u/s 87 Cr.P.C is hereby made that the said accused is required to appear before this Court to defend the said reference on 11th day of November 2020,” the notice said.