UK Scientists develop antiviral facemasks to kill coronavirus

LONDON: Scientists in the United Kingdom have reportedly developed an anti-viral facemask that kills Covid-19 virus upon contact and not merely avoids them.

According to the media reports, the Anti-viral masks will be made available for public purchase by next month.

The said anti-viral mask is being prepared by Britain’s Nottingham Trent University, according to local media reports.

Anti-viral masks whose final shape is on the anvil, have been reportedly prepared for months now and their purpose will be to kill the viral pathogens that cause respiratory infections like coronavirus and influenza.

The facemasks are prepared wherein sandwiched will be a copper nanoparticle layer which is said to kill virus upon close contact.

Reports also suggest that the anti-viral facemask will not aid viral spread even after its used and discarded.

It may be separately noted that American biotechnology company Moderna’s experimental vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19 based on interim data from a late-stage trial, the company said on Monday, becoming the second U.S. drugmaker to report results that far exceed expectations.

Together with Pfizer’s vaccine, which is also more than 90% effective, and pending more safety data and regulatory review, the United States could have two vaccines authorized for emergency use in December with as many as 60 million doses of vaccine available this year.