Sugar drinks on rise among young generation: Sanaullah Ghumman

Our Correspondent
ISLAMABAD: Sanaullah Ghumman, General Secretary, Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) said that only healthy young generation will be a part of the development of the country. Sugar drinks are on the rise among the young generation and are inviting common diseases. One of the major causes of various diseases including heart, cancer, obesity, diabetes and stroke is regular consumption of sugar drinks. The young generation should be made aware of the harmful effects of sugary drinks in educational institutions, the government should take practical steps on the application of health levy, so that billions of rupees can be saved by getting rid of diseases.
The seminar on the occasion of “World Diabetes Day” highlighted the growing trend of sugary drinks in Pakistan as a result of various diseases including heart, obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer, Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH) General. Secretary Sanaullah Ghumman said that Panah has been raising health issues for 36 years. Sweet is called white poison. Excessive consumption of sugary drinks in Pakistan is the main cause of obesity, which gives rise to many diseases.
According to Cheryl Anderson, author of the University of California, San Diego, consuming one  or more sugar-added fruit drink daily linked with a 42% greater risk of having cardiovascular disease, According to the British Medical Journal (BMJ), daily consumption of sugary drinks causes 18% of cancers. According to the World Health Organization, sugary drinks are the main source of sugar in food. A sugar cane contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, which is used by a large number of children and young people. Reducing the use of sweets can prevent many diseases.
General Secretary Sanaullah Ghumman said that a credible investigation has proved that it is necessary to apply health levy to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks,if one rupee health levy is imposed on a small sugary drink, This will not only reduce obesity but also generate billions of rupees in revenue, Which will help you to spend on health related issues.