Charlatan pir slapped life sentence, fines for raping women

JATOI: District court in Naushahro Feroze has sentenced Saturday a charlatan faith healer to a lifetime in jail and Rs200,000 fine after he was proved guilty of raping women visitors.

The self-proclaimed PIR of Jatoi area sexually abused a number of women having slipped addictive substance in their edibles or potables.

In another case pertaining the same PIR the court slapped him with a sentence of 10-year imprisonment and a further Rs100,000 find for stealing belongings of his sexual abuse victims.

The concerned court found him guilty of lifting their jewellery and cash as he abused his unconscious victims.

He had reportedly escaped after being called out with a number of rapes and thefts to his name.

It may be noted that the federal government of Pakistan has decided today to bring an ordinance for pronouncing stricter punishments to the rape convicts.

The decision was taken in a session of the government’s legal team which was chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan where he was given a briefing over the legal procedures to pronounce penalties to convicted rapists and regulations for the protection of witnesses.

While addressing the session, PM Imran Khan said that the authorities will have to bring up a plan for curbing rape incidents and any delay in its legislation will be disastrous for the country.