Incompetence of University of AJK exposed

MUZAFFARABAD: The incompetence of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir University administration exposed, as a primary teacher supervisor who was himself a candidate for the BS papers was unprotected by the supervisor resolving his paper from flipside candidate under his own supervision.

A young man giving written paper was replaced by a supervisor in the viewing staff of the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The supervising staff and the young student of economics who gave the paper in place of supervising staff of exam were arrested, transferred to City Police Station, remanded and specimen registered.

The incompetent Primary School teacher was scheduled as the discussion supervisor who was one of the candidates in the examinations.

According to the details, the viewing staff included Abdul Waheed son of Abdullah, a resident of Sayedpur Primary Teacher Middle School Sarrian was included as Discussion Supervisor moreover as a candidate.

The BA/ BSc viewing part-way was located in the post graduate higher while same supervisor moreover as a candidate performed his duty in the same center.

Azhar Mahmood, son of Rafiq, a resident of Sari Dara, was unprotected for struggle of paper of supervisor held by University there. Both were held and hostage in a shelter at AJK University for several hours.

The university wardship tried to settle the matter but it was not possible due to the timely presence of Team YJF. The reporter immediately tabbed the police on the spot and initiated proceedings under the lawmaking of conduct. While the university wardship says that whoopee has been initiated versus both the persons, the supervisor and the viewing candidate have been handed over to the police by making a UMC case.

Both the supervisor and the person giving the paper in his place were underdeveloped and shifted to City Police Station.

In the meantime, there are some sort of questions arise on administration.

Why the primary school teacher held by University at examination duty ?

Is there is no personification system in exam?