Those Days of Tranquility

By:- Mukashifa Shireen

A time was there when the sky was blue and clear with the sun shining bright in it and with the birds who loved to fly. I could see the clouds like a wave floating in a pattern. I rubbed my eyes and the moment I looked down I saw the green bed that was land. It reminded me of the birth of a new life which is the symbol of a peaceful act. While I was drowned in the depths of the sea of nature, just then the whispers of wind appeared and made me feel their touch to make the things clear and the birds flew and sang the song of their freedom and life.

What is this world now that I see around me? Where the whispers of wind have changed into noise; noise of the screams of man. The sky that once was a home for life is now spreading fright. Even the fluffy bales of cotton once symbolizing the energy for the brave have now become coward, crying with a thunder sound for its home has been snatched leaving it prone to menace. Why do I see shadow all around? Is it because the light has been diminished which is drowning the world into the darkness of night. Or is it just an illusion of my eyes? But how can an illusion last for over years?

No, it is not an illusion but a deadly nightmare for my ears can hear the loud screams from around that is making my head ache and burst in anguish. All these questions being born inside my head and my heart have remained unanswered until this very moment when I found the answer to them. The answer of why this all had begun to happen, the answer of what important element is missing letting all this be. It is nothing else but the “peace” which the “unrest” has replaced. The war among the nations, the addiction of being the super power, the fear of the nuclear war, the envy among the brothers, the merciless slaughtering of the innocent and the simulation that has started to dwell among relations have turned the dawn into dusk. The old days of joy are nowhere now. The days when the feelings were real even in the plays, when the joy was born inside not sold, when people used to walk with hands in hands and had a lot to talk, when the winds were clear of all the hypocrisy and fear, when the people lived united like the water in a jug. The days when the sea was blue and grass was green and when the people would repent and cry on their evil deeds.

Yet now my friend! The sorrow in the cries, the love in the air has all come to an end. But this is not fair, for the sea with blue the grass with green are left with none. For the water in the jug is out now, breaking its vow and leaving emptiness behind. And the clear winds have changed into storm with the pollutant of fear. Alas! The world which once begged for peace in the two world wars ruined it with its own hands.

Have you ever put an ear to the word from the Earth which grieves in the remembrance of its lost peace and nature? Wake up! And listen to what it says. What does it gets after all that it gives for the pastures that it makes wet and over the walls that have drowned in deep it makes the weeds to creep. What does it gets for the trees so huge and big and with horizon that it makes a crease to separate the green and the brown from the deep and endless blue? What does it gets for those with two, four feet that roam about exquisitely and neatly. They live happily on the earth as it has provided for them a warm heat.

But why don’t you let all this be? Why is the green all starting to rot? Why the blue has lost its old charm? It is because of you, don’t you understand? Because you destroy it with your own laid. Is it not just and fair? That it should be saved before it rusts? Oh! People of the world, do think of it. For it is here for you to live and now you must give some peace. As the hail, the rain and the flowers; the shading bowers, the sun, the stars and the wide, green, blue sea can surely not live without it.

Behold, and know that you owe your lives to peace whom you disrespect. The peace psychology says that the turmoil is built, not born yet it is not inevitable. So, my friends! Return from the path of misery and quarrel where the death awaits for you. For it is high time that we again put hands in hands, to let peace be born again inside you and me and let us all bring back the lost kingdom, the kingdom of “Tranquility” back to it’s real state of being.