DG NAB Rawalpindi Irfan Mangi is a terrorist: Saleem Mandviwalla

ISLAMABAD: Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwalla said Monday he met National Accountability Bureau (NAB) head and shared with him how NAB officials threaten behind closed doors.

He said NAB chairman Justice (r) Javed Iqbal has assured him that all the reservations will be allayed in the NAB case against the alleged corruption.

Senator Mandviwalla who represents Pakistan Peoples Party said NAB officials are blackmailing and threatening their targets to make them opt plea bargain.

NAB Rawalpindi’s Director General Irfan Mangi has maintained an air of terror across the country, Mandviwalla said and added that Mangi claims even the NAB chairman cannot do anything about him.

DG Mangi of NAB has posed himself as a terrorist in Rawalpindi, Mandviwalla said.

He said their struggle against NAB will continue while adding that it is a sorry state of affairs if the director generals of NAB have more authority and might that the chairman himself.

Justice (r) Iqbal has assured me of the probe against officials involve in wrong practices, Mandviwalla said of the talks they held.

Mandviwalla also noted that the Senate will bring resolution do dismiss NAB DG Mangi from his post given the misuse of power and the terrorizing of citizens.

Earlier on Sunday, Deputy Chairman of Senate Mandviwalla had called NAB a blackmailing organization and alleged that people only go for plea bargain to save their honour.

To which the NAB chairman directed not to take any further action against Deputy Chairman Senate before considering all legal elements of the case.

The directions were issued by the chairman NAB after taking notice of allegations levelled by Mandviwalla in a presser earlier in the day, said a declaration issued by the anti-graft body.

Justice retired Javed Iqbal has sought a complete record of the concerned case.

The declaration further said that the anti-graft watchdog respects all parliamentarians and a decision about further action will be taken after considering all sides of the case.