PM vows to save youth from drug addiction

RAWALPINDI: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that drug addiction has become a curse for society, adding that the government has vowed to safe Pakistani youth from the problem.

He was addressing an inauguration ceremony at the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) headquarters in Rawalpindi. 

“Drugs are silent killers. We have to collectively fight this problem,” he stressed.

He said that whenever society embraces things which are forbidden in Islam, it is bound to be destructive. 

“Whatever has been instructed in the Qu’ran is only for the benefit of humankind,” he said. “Back in the 1980s, many people earned money by selling drugs but society accepted them. This was the biggest setback for our country.”

Citing statistics, PM Imran Khan said that more than 70 million young people in Pakistan have fallen prey to drug addiction, which is a dangerously high number.

He recalled the recent incident in Kasur where a man, said to be a drug addict, threw his five children into the Jamber canal.

“Whenever a person becomes a drug addict, their entire family suffers. If there are 70 million drug addicts in the country, it means that 70 million families are struggling,” he said.

Showing his concern, he said that people do not realise the gravity of the situation, but drug addiction is spreading like cancer in society, adding that the problem has now penetrated schools and colleges.

“This synthetic drug called ice (crystal methamphetamine) has penetrated schools and colleges. Drugs destroy children’s character and discipline. Their health, as well as their futures, are compromised,” he said.

The PM stressed that it is not only the ANF’s job to fight against drugs but society must also resist the problem. 

“We have to fight against drugs together. Society has an important role to play in this regard,” he said.

The premier added that he will establish a council and will take all ministries on board to fight Pakistan’s drug problem.

“We will initiate a new anti-narcotics programme. I will call a meeting next week to discuss how we can fight this cancer.”