Pakistani “Net citizen” remember Junaid Jamshed on his 4th death anniversary

On December 7, 2016, PIA aircraft ATR-42 turboprop plane, operating flight PK-661, crashed near Havelian with 47 passengers and crew members on-board. Renowned naatkhwan and former pop singer Junaid Jamshed, along with his wife, was also aboard the plane. They were killed in the crash.

Netizens flooded social media with tributes on his fourth death anniversary. #WeLoveYouJunaidJamshed was the top trend on Twitter Monday afternoon.

Many shared artworks in tribute and famous quotes and song lyrics by the singer-turned-religious personality.

After having unprecedented success, without any marketing or promotion, Jamshed and Vital Signs went their separate ways in 1998, as the former chose a solo musical career. The band had spearheaded the underappreciated and relatively unknown rock scene to a national level during their peak.

His solo road wasn’t as smooth as he thought it to be; sometime after 2000, he vanished from the public platform, while rumours arose of him facing financial pitfalls.

Finally, mid-last decade, Jamshed declared bankruptcy, abandoned music after learning its position in religion, and announced his decision to become a devout Muslim. Alongside, he launched a clothing line in order to maintain an income source.

Jamshed, who had two major sides in his life, was remembered admirably for both. In the latter half of his 52-year-long life, he promoted religion and went to talk on various platforms on how to achieve personal and spiritual growth. 

The website, the Muslim 500, labeled him as one of the most powerful Muslims around the world.

Jamshed was assaulted at Islamabad airport in 2016 for alleged blasphemy, and had to issue an apology over social media. He was on a visit to Chitral to advance “the Path of Allah,” his last tweet before his untimely death revealed.