PDM resignations will not harm assembly, Sheikh Rasheed says

LAHORE: Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed dismissed on Thursday the Opposition’s threat to resign from the assembly, saying it wouldn’t have any impact on the lower house of Parliament.

“The resignation will not harm the assembly,” Rasheed said while talking to the media in Lahore. He was also unfazed by the PDM’s long march to Islamabad and told them they are welcome to the federal capital and the winters will be waiting for them.

“[Prime Minister] Imran Khan has made an offer – come to the assembly and hold a dialogue,” said the railways minister, adding that if the Opposition should clarify who they want to speak to if not Imran Khan.

“Those with whom you want to negotiate are against Nawaz Sharif’s statement,” said Rasheed. He added that “whatever” the situation maybe, it will not benefit the PDM.

The minister said no politician closes the door to dialogue.

He said he expects good news for Imran Khan after December 13.

The railways minister also hoped that not all members of the Opposition will resign from their seats. He said if they resign, they will not get the “benefits” they are getting in jails and will be treated like “C Class” inmates.