Sardar Yaqoob calls on President AJK; discusses latest IIOJK situation

Staff Reporter
ISLAMABAD: Former AJK President and central leader of Pakistan People’s Party Azad Kashmir Sardar Yaqub Khan called on President Sardar Masood Khan at Kashmir House here on Monday and discussed with him the latest situation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and matters related to the development of the liberated territory.
Both leaders condemned the illegal settlement of Hindu citizen in Kashmir by Modi-RSS Hindu nationalist government to change the demographic makeup and identity of the Muslim-majority region and called upon the international community, especially the United Nation to intervene and help stop the illegal settler –colonialism and elimination of native population by India.
They said India’s actions are not only a breach of UN Security Council resolutions but also a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions and other international laws and treaties. The two leaders reiterated that the people of AJK will continue to extend political, diplomatic and all kinds of support to their brothers and sisters living on the other side of LoC till the success of the ongoing struggle for the right to self-determination. They expressed their determination not to spare any effort to achieve this goal.
They said without the liberation of Indian-occupied part of Kashmir, Pakistan’s stability and territorial integrity would remain at risk and pledged to continue the liberation struggle relentlessly till final victory is achieved and last Indian soldier is driven off the Kashmiri soil.
The incumbent and former Presidents also agreed to make the liberated territory a model region in terms of development and prosperity to make it a source of inspiration for the people of Occupied Kashmir and drawing a sharp line of distinction between the two parts of Kashmir for the world to see.