Google employees will work from home until September 2021

Google Inc. on Monday announced that its employees will be working from home until September 2021.

According to a report by Reuters, the company’s Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai announced via an email on Sunday that Google had also been testing a “flexible workweek” for its employees once the company ascertains that it is safe to work from office again.

According to the new plan, workers will be going to Google’s office thrice a week, while they will work from home for the remaining days.

“We are testing a hypothesis that a flexible work model will lead to greater productivity, collaboration, and well-being,” Pichai wrote in the email.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Google was one of the world’s first companies that decided to send its employees to work from home. 

Earlier, the technology giant had said that employees would return to work in January 2021, but considering the situation, the date was pushed back to July 2021.