BJP’s govt declared 03 Sikh leaders as terrorists

Staff Reporter
ISLAMABAD: The government of BJP in India declared three active leaders of Sikh Community as terrorists through a notification of Interior Ministry on Tuesday. Modi led Indian government has fastened the pace of the state terrorism against Sikh Community after Kashmiris in continuation of its anti-minority policies.
According to detail, Indian government has declared the leaders of Sikh community active worldwide as terrorists and has started seizing their properties. The Sikh Leaders who have been declared as terrorists include Garitont Singh Punu, Pardeep Singh Najar, and Param Jeet Singh. They all are active in America, Canada, and UK respectively. National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India has urged the government through a dossier to declare 13 more Sikh Leaders as terrorist and to seize their properties. They include President Sikh for Justice, Autar Singh Punu; Pareet Singh; Amardeep Singh Poraiwal; Harjeep Singh; Sarbajeet Singh; S Himat Singh; Gorbeet Singh Baghi; Sarbajeet Singh Baner; Kalont Singh Mothda; Dopandarjeet Singh; Kalont Singh; JS Dhaliwal; and Jatandar Singh Garaiwal. NIA dossier has leveled allegation of terrorism and human rights violations against the mentioned Sikhs and their organizations. However, efforts are being made by Indian authorities to show Pakistan at the back of these Sikhs. Prior to this, NIA has told the government of India that these Sikh leaders are supporting Kashmiris in their struggle.