Shelling at LoC by India a bid to divert attention from internal strife: President

Staff Reporter
ISLAMABAD: The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has strongly condemned the unprovoked Indian firing at Bagsar sector of the Line of Control and the martyrdom of two Pakistan Army soldiers.
Paying homage to the martyrs for sacrificing their lives while defending geographical frontiers of the country, he said that through the cowardly acts of violation of 2003 ceasefire agreement, India is intensifying tension at the LoC, and is promoting war hysteria in order to divert the world’s attention from its own internal situation and its repressive acts in occupied Kashmir.
While expressing sympathy will the bereaved families of both the military personnel, the AJK president said that India would never succeed in its nefarious designs, and the Indian occupation army will have to pay a heavy price for its provocations.
Besides carrying out military aggressions, he maintained that India is active on several fronts on the international level to malign Pakistan and to create doubts about the struggle of the Kashmiri people for the realization of their inalienable right to self-determination.
In this connection, he cited the Europe-based DisinfoLab’s recent report which has blamed a vast Indian NGOs’ network for promoting India’s false narrative in Europe through fake reports and a systematic vicious anti-Pakistan propaganda campaign in an attempt to influence policies of the important world institutions including the United Nations, European Parliament and the European countries.
Earlier talking to a seven-member PML-N Youth Wing Islamabad delegation which called on him here on Wednesday under the leadership of Hafiz Sardar Saud Khan, the AJK President urged the youth to reach out to their peers around the world and effectively highlight the Kashmir issue to garner global support for the just cause of the Kashmiri people.
Sardar Masood Khan said that the present situation demands the whole nation to unite and jointly work for the development and prosperity of the country in order to turn Pakistan into a major economic power in the coming years. He went on to say that the youth which formed 64 percent of the total population of Pakistan would a big asset of the country as the future of Pakistan rests in their hands.
He said that the whole nation must unite and work for the progress and development of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. He added that we have to plan to put Pakistan on the path of prosperity and make it the top 10 economies of the world by 2050.
During the meeting the delegation informed the President of various activities of the Youth Wing in and around Islamabad and how over the years they have actively been involving the youth in social activities and also in creating political awareness. They informed that the youth of Pakistan are passionate and sincere towards the progress of Pakistan.
The AJK President while appreciating the initiatives taken by the members of the delegation said that the future of Pakistan lies in the hands of the youth. With about 64% of the population being below 30, the President said that it is pertinent to educate, train and subsequently engage the youth in order to capitalise on our numbers.
Masood Khan said that the situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is dire and our brothers and sisters are bravely facing oppression and unprecedented brutalities being imposed on them by the 900,000 Indian occupation troops. He added that it is our core responsibility to expose the wicked face of India and urged the delegation to engage the youth to use both traditional and social media platforms to reach out to their peers all over the world and highlight the atrocities taking place in IOJK.