Syndicate to verify documents of Gomalian VC

By: S.K. Sami

Peshawar: The 36th meeting of the syndicate, university of Malakand to be held on 19th December, 2020 will also to discuss the case of fake experience certificate issued by University of Peshawar to Dr. Ifekhar Ahmad, current Vice Chancellor of Gomal University, D.I. Khan. According to official documents, the Pakistan Citizen Portal has received complaint regarding appointment of Dr. Ifekhar Ahmad as Professor at UOM as well as his appointment as Associate Professor in Hazara University Mansehra, currently working as Vice Chancellor of Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan on bogus experience without documentary evidences and absconder from University of Peshawar. His earlier appointment as Associate Professor in Hazara University Mansehra was processed illegally by his brother Professor Dr Habib Ahmad as Dean of Sciences.

An official source informed that pertaining to the complaint submitted on the Pakistan Citizen Portal, the University of Malakand has constituted an inquiry committee to investigate the case, which will be presented to syndicate for approval on 19th December, 2020. Meanwhile when Dr. Ifekhar Ahmad knew about the inquiry about his appointment to be unearthed, he submitted his application to University of Peshawar for experience certificate, which was issued to him by Deputy Registrar of Peshawar University, Gohar Rehman with the approval of Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Abid on 10-12-2020 in a so much hurry that contains a lot of flaws and self contradictory. The certificate issued from University of Peshawar contradicting the statements which Dr. Iftekhar Ahmad has written in his application form for appointment as Professor. On this illegal appointment he served as Vice Chancellor in Abbottabad University and currently Gomal University. The said Vice Chancellor belongs to Matta, Swat and is said that has informal relation with the present Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mehmood Khan by virtue of which he reached to the position of vice chancellor without meeting required criteria, the source confirmed.

On the other hand right before one day from the syndicate meeting Dr. Iftekhar Ahmad has invited all vice chancellors to organize a pressure group and to give tough time to stop the statutory bodies not to proceed further and escaping the prospected decision against him, official added.

The Deputy Registrar, University of Peshawar was tried to be contacted on various means for his version to the allegation of bribery and issuance of experience certificate but he did not respond to the story. However the Vice Chancellor of Gomal University Dr. Iftekhar while giving his stance has said that he taught in various universities of United States as well as in Pakistan with good track record. Iftekhar added that he has written to the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa about inclusion his case in the syndicate and then circulated publically degrading his careers. Replying telephonically to the question about organizing a pressure group of all VCs as inviting them right one day before the syndicate meeting, Dr. Iftekhar Ahmad told that the meeting of VCs has been called to ask the government either to take bake the decision discontinuation of MA/MSCs program with effect from 31st December, 2020 or to extend the time for fresh graduated students, he mentioned.  He added that no policy was existed with government that if the students will not be enrolled in Master programs so what will be alternative for those, he asked government.  It was confirmed that an online meeting will be held of all VCs instead of physical gathering on any spot, the VC said.