MDCAT 2020 result: Students slam PMC, call it a ‘failed institution’

  • Students say PMC has become a failed institution
  • The students protest comes despite a change in result
  • PMC has give the students option to report error in new result

ISLMAMABAD: Despite the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) reissuing the results and rectifying the errors, the students are still not happy with the regulator over the MDCAT 2020 exam and called it a “failed institution”.

“PMC is a failed institution. Neither can it make a paper nor announce a result properly,” said the students, hours after the verified results were announced.

The students added that in the MDCAT paper they were given questions out of the syllabus. They also claimed that the names on the result certificates given to them were also incorrect.

The PMC, in a statement on Thursday, said after it released the National MDCAT result on December 16, it received numerous complaints from students that they had erroneously been marked absent.

“Some students also complained that their names and roll numbers did not match,” it said.

PMC said that it had taken down the previous result to “ensure that no student was deprived of the correct result”.

“The MDCAT result is a computer generated result. Hence, any investigation required it to be taken offline and reverified in its entirety through physical verification of students’ admit cards and examination answer sheets. Therefore, the examination team carried out a detailed scrutiny and reverification process over the last 30 hours,” the PMC  said.

The PMC added that “less than 2% of the total number of students” who took the exam faced these difficulties and submitted complaints to the commission.

According to an earlier announcement by PMC, 121,181 students had attempted the MDACT 2020.