Corona Whispers

By: Qazi Shahzaib Ud Din Hamza

The coronavirus pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War Two. Since its emergence in Asia late last year, the virus has spread to every continent except Antarctica. Cases are rising daily in Africa the Americas, and Europe. During Quarantine and lock down, not only health is deteriorating but the tempo of reading and literary activities also went down. I encouraged myself to start working on literature and to go through a book to kill time effectively. I was sitting in my room, completely engaged in reading “global humanitarian response plan” .The plan is launched by United Nations (UN) which is a coordinated effort between several agencies including UNDP, and led by the World Health Organization (WHO). The HRP will make its mark not only for the coronavirus but also, we expect, for future crises and disasters, whether natural or manmade and provide faster and more efficient relief to those hardest hits. I suddenly fell asleep putting my head on the study table. Suddenly I heard some strange voices from behind. I quickly turned around in confusion. It was literally heart stopping to see two big corona viruses in front of me. Confusion soon turned to anger. I started shouted at them. I asked them to get lost from the spot quickly as I am truly following SOPs. I spoke in disgust that you are responsible for the entire crisis. You people have ruined our time, health and what not. Economies all over the world, including Pakistan, have come to a screeching halt. People are facing shortage of food due to forced lockdown. Hundreds and thousands of people have lost their jobs and there is anxiety and sorrow everywhere. In short, I vented all my anger. They both were still looking very calm. There was a moment of silence for a while but I panicked when they both approached me. I shouted at them again to stay away from me but one of them came closer and said, “I want to talk to you. I am not so negative the way you are portraying”. I agreed after fixing the gloves and mask tightly. The conversation begins. First Corona virus whispers, “I have brought the charm of life back, fixed several issues and brought a lot of other positive stuff during this pandemic”. The other nodded in agreement. This made me more furious and I decided to destroy these idiots in arguments the way New Zealand destroyed them in real life. I asked “ok Mr. Corona, Can you please enlist some of the positive stuff you have created on this planet”? The other stopped the first and began to say, “I have shown you people your true face. You people were proud of your moral values and always propagated the moral bankruptcy of the west especially Europe. What happened now? Whatever medicine is thought to be effective for patients suffering from corona disappears from the market. You people start selling that at double price in black. To whom I have shown mercy i.e. the patients who recovered from the disease are selling their plasma and exploiting the people fighting for life”. “So pointing the negativity in my society is the only positivity you found that is linked with your presence here” I inquired. He replied back, “No, Haven’t you seen that my presence has improved the personal hygiene of the people. Look at that young man who always made his old fathers phone call, a miscall because of the work pressure he face in his office. He is spending time with his old ones. One of the biggest problems today with the family unit is down to disconnect. It’s usually because the family doesn’t get to spend enough good quality time together. You must say ‘Thank you’ Corona Virus for helping us fix that. My pandemic has led to an increase in air quality all around the world. Lockdowns have resulted in factories and roads shutting, thus reducing emissions. Would you have done without me? Absolutely no and O yes, so many of you complain of not having enough time and now you have all this time handed to you on a plate but still you feel uncomfortable”. A small pause and then again he started speaking fluently the way he was speaking earlier. “I have made a test case for everyone to be checked for his claims. Claimed leaders to be checked for leadership, philanthropists to be checked for philanthropy and the list goes on and on but you people won’t understand with no obstacle and fear management expertise. I have to go now as I entered your place mistakenly and you have engaged me in this conversation”. They both left the chair and move towards the door. One of them abruptly looked back and said; “Remember! Nations emerge stronger after crisis. You people must not miss this chance”. Suddenly a loud sound of alarm clock hit my mind like a needle and woke me up, it was five in the morning but my mind was struck in the sentence “Nations emerge stronger after crisis”.