Maqbool Butt: A national Hero

By: Sarmad Mahmood
Kashmiri people observes Butt day on 11 Feb every year as a day of hope for freedom of their motherland. Butt shaheed taught us a lesson of freedom prosperity ,humanity and bravery, his struggle means to us a torchbearer . People of J&K are facing torture state terrorism ,barbarism with worst economic condition in the worlds heavily deployed military zone. How it can possible that nation having history and identity of thousand years gives up all this to a country burn 72 years ago. By promoting the occasion narrative both occupiers badly mutilated the pro independence narrative of the people of Jammu Kashmir however the great sacrifice of Maqbool Butt shaheed gives the kashmiri nation a very clear way forward to win the freedom of their motherland. The divided plan of occupiers is in progress according to which India abrogate the article of 370 and 35 A of Indian constitution. We demand the withdrawal of all armed forces from all geographical entities of state Jammu & Kashmir should be recognized as an independent country on the map of world. Freedom is the basic right of people of Jammu Kashmir and nation cant be so long kept slaved when there are a freedom fighter like Maqbool Butt shaheed. JKNSF vows to continue their struggle till the independence of Kammu and Kashmir.