PM Imran should announce, offer handsome relief package to UN for besieged people of IOJK: Altaf Ahmed Bhat

Special Correspondent Islamabad: Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution organized a Webinar titled “ Kashmir: A Utopian Land with Dystopian Lives” The webinar was part of IICR’s Exclusive Globe 2020. The Webinar covered diverse discourse on Kashmir’s past, present and future, it also included China-India Standoff as well. The panelists included Mr. Yasir Rehman who moderated the session. The other panelists included Lt. Gen. Raza Muhammad Khan®️, Ms. Sabah Aslam, CEO IICR, Maj. Gen. Raza Muhammad, Chairman IICR, Mr. Ahmed Qureshi, Senior journalist on Security and Kashmir and Mr. Altaf Ahmed Bhat, President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement.While addressing the session Mr. Altaf Ahmed Bhat highlighted the anguish which the people of Kashmir face. Bhat further said that Kashmir was under Triple lockdown: The first in 1989, then after 5, August 2019, and a third one due to COVID-19. Giving first-hand information from Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir Bhat said that in past 310 days of lockdown 170 youth are martyred, 1500 people are critically injured, 995 houses are damaged/demolished, while more than 100 women are molested in fake Cordon and search operations. Bhat demanded Government of Pakistan and PM Imran Khan that PM khan should announce and offer a handsome relief package to UN for besieged people of IOJK as he announced 8 billion US dollars for people of Pakistan, And UN should ask India to allow International relief and health organization to IOJ&K for relief and health care activities for besieged people of IOJK who are under lockdown for last 311 days.Bhat also suggested that Kashmir must be given special status in the United Nations just like the special status it is given in OIC. The next speaker in line was Lt. Gen. Raza Muhammad Khan®️, while addressing the panelists he added that unilateral actions by Delhi in Kashmir have put the whole region at stake and on the verge of devastation knowing the fact that all the all parties in Kashmir issue are Nuke loaded. Adding further he said that Pakistan’s need to give communicative support to Kashmir through international media. Pointing out further Gen. Khan added that India is already an apartheid state and is now facing isolation as its relations are becoming feeble with regional neighboring states.While yielding the floor Mr. Ahmed Qureshi, shed light on the lags in policies of Pakistan regarding Kashmir. He said that the fault lines within our approach to the international arena when it comes to India. Adding further he said there needs to be clarity in approach to India and it needs to be decided to by our own government. While commenting on media Qureshi said that there is no or little discourse on Kashmir’s on our side, there is no journalist in Pakistan who can report or present Pakistan’s case in an appealing manner.Next on the panel was Maj. Gen. Raza Muhammad, he shed light on how Indian society have overall changed and the United States considers it as a strategic partner always. He further added that India will continue to provoke Pakistan through LOC. While hoping for peace he added that if Europe can achieve peace than why not India and Pakistan? it can through negotiations.The last speaker on the panel was Ms. Sabah Aslam, she pointed out that Pakistan’s government needs to become proactive in maneuvering working modalities rather than totally relying on its allies. The government of Pakistan needs to take on board the academia, think tanks and researchers in order to properly work on the issue, Ms. Aslam said. Adding more she said that it has been a dilemma that we always had an uncommunicative minister for Kashmir affairs which weakens Pakistan’s advocacy of Kashmir.The webinar was then followed by a question and answer session and concluding remarks by Mr. Yasir Rehman.