Chairman RDA briefed over implementation of SOPs

City Reporter

RAWALPINDI: Chairman Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Tariq Mehmood Murtaza has chaired a meeting at RDA conference room about Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of Building Plan and Housing Schemes. The Director Admin and Finance RDA Khalid Javed Goraya, Director MP&TE Jamshed Aftab and other RDA officers were present in the meeting.

Addressing the meeting, the Chairman RDA said that the Punjab Government has taken into consideration the policy of providing assistance and facilities to the construction sector in getting approval for its projects from various departments. He said that the department has set a time limit for the approval of projects in the following four areas and directed for making it easier for them to get approval from various departments.

He said that the department would be bound to submit its complete documents and will approve the submitted maps or other related matters within the stipulated time. He said that the general public is advised to take approval from RDA for various works and the following durations have been fixed for approval: 30 days for domestic and commercial maps, 30 days for supplementary maps, 45 days for landuse change and 60 days for private housing scheme.

In the light of these instructions, RDA has also issued instructions to its respective limited staff and by the grace of Allah Almighty from coming Monday 22nd June 2020 work will be started as per above mentioned fixed duration. At present, the work will be done manually and all the maps will be received by the concerned staff at One Window Center RDA. As soon as the computer setup is received from the Punjab government, RDA will start working according to that setup and the relevant people will be given their approval in due time.

In this regard other departments including CAA, Irrigation Department, EPA etc. have also been instructed by the Punjab government to release their respective maps as soon as possible, he added. He further said that I request the people who are involved in the construction sector and private institutions to try to complete the paperwork related to their project and submit in RDA, so that approval is given within the stipulated time.