Sindh govt has done well to deal with coronavirus: Ali Zaidi

  • PPP government recieves praises from PTI leader Ali Zaidi on COVID-19 handling.
  • Ali Zaid appreciates the move of the Sindh government to vaccinate the elderly people at home.
  • Says the provincial government has done well to contain the pandemic.

KARACHI: Sindh government on Sunday received a rare appreciation over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the province when Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi, who is a member of the rival PTI said Sindh has “done well” to deal with the situation.

The federal minister, according to a report, praised the Sindh government while talking to media persons after visiting the Sindh government’s COVID-19 mass vaccination centre at the Khaliqdina Hall in the city’s District South.

Zaidi said he was satisfied with the arrangements made at the vaccination centre to carry out vaccination of the masses.

He was briefed on the occasion that so far, 85,000 people had been vaccinated at the Khaliqdina Hall.

The federal minister said that overall, the Sindh government had done well to deal with the coronavirus situation. He, however, added that at the same time he would duly point out wherever there were lacunas in the arrangements so that the health emergency could be tackled.

The PTI leader, otherwise a fierce critic of the PPP government, also appreciated the move of the Sindh government to vaccinate the elderly people at home to protect them against the coronavirus infection.

He said the Punjab government had purchased the coronavirus vaccine on its own and the Sindh government should follow suit.

He recalled that the Sindh government had allocated Rs5 billion to address the coronavirus situation and the same, said Zaidi, should now be spent to buy the vaccine in case the fund was still not utilised.

He clarified that the National Command and Operation Centre had not barred any province from purchasing the coronavirus vaccine.

The federal minister said government officials remained continuously in touch with patients suffering from the coronavirus infection in Islamabad and Punjab and a similar arrangement should also be put in place by the Sindh government.

He mentioned that the European and other Western countries, despite having advanced health care systems, had failed to effectively deal with the coronavirus situation.