Hockey stick, ball gets stolen from Bahawalpur statue of hockey legend Samiullah Khan

  • Ball, hockey stick re-installed after being stolen from statute of hockey legend Samiullah Khan in Bahawalpur.
  • Police say case of theft registered at Cantt police station.
  • Hockey stick, ball were stolen days after statue of hockey legend was installed at a crossing in Khan’s hometown.

A hockey stick and ball were re-installed Monday after being stolen from the statue of Pakistan hockey legend Samiullah Khan in Bahawalpur.

The statue had recently been erected at the Hospital Chowk in the Olympian’s hometown of Bahawalpur. It was installed to honour the left-winger popularly known as ‘Flying Horse’ for his electrifying runs down the left flank. 

Residents of Bahawalpur said that a few days after the installation of the Olympian’s statue, its ball was stolen and then the hockey stick went missing over the weekend as well.

The police said a case of theft has been registered at the Cantt police station. The stolen items, meanwhile, have been added to the statue again.