Corona pandemic exposes KP health system

S.K. Sami

Peshawar: The President of Young Doctors Association (YDA) Dr. Rizwan Kundi accompanied by President of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter while talking to a press conference have told that about 1300 qualified doctors for specialization through Post Graduate Medical Institute (PGMI) are waiting for induction while the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa hires doctors on daily wages against the PGMI induction rules. The Association said that in this pandemic situation the province needs more specialist doctors in DHQ and peripheral hospitals, but unfortunately no specialized doctors are available in many areas to provide better treatment to local patients. Reciprocating to a question, Dr. Rizwan told that not only Ventilators in our hospitals missing its required tools with but also there is no expertise for proper operating towards saving life of a critical patient, while the record indicates that mortality rate of vented patients are high in various known hospitals of the province, he added.
YDA and PIMA thwarted that the head of National Health Task Force Dr Nausherwan Burki is out of screen during COVID-19 epidemic while before this he used to come taking his TADAs and other benefits. They told that besides 530 doctors more than 1650 front line fighter medical staff martyred due to corona desease but Mr. Burki did not bother to encourage health professionals. While criticizing the provincial government the doctors furthered that they observes no planning or keen interest in the health sector from the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to which the most important sector that deals with the precious lives, got thoroughly flawed.
Both the leaders of doctors Associations also emphasized that every year about 400 doctors of dentistry are graduated who are neglected to be inducted, while people are being looted by bogus dentists in the streets. The President of Young Doctors Association Dr. Rizwan Kundi, Chairman Dr. Aftab Marwat and President of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Hazrat Akbar told the media that the country today face the corona pandemic during which they do not want any confrontation with the government that will impinge on the patients and general public. They however demanded that the government should induct all waiting doctors before July in order to fill the vacant positions in hospitals. In case of failure all doctors of the province will record their protest, and government ought not to compel them for adopting any extreme step that can damage both the government and health professionals, the Associations warned.