Pakistan, Land of Wonders and Miracles

By: Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

After the death of Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah a long span of time went off without elections and the selfish and self styled leaders availed of the opportunity to fish out of troubled waters . The country achieved under the specific ideology of Islam went ahead without constitution. The clique of politicians were busy in drawing room and corridor politics to snatch reins of a state like a territory conquered by their forefathers. It is not unwarranted to say that the annals of Pakistan is the chronic history of dictators and totalitarian rulers, stuck to the country to fleece as long as they could. The country was a playground for them to play uninterrupted with the fortune of the nascent state and its forlorn poor masses.  A bureaucrat Ghulam Muhammad was conspired to occupy the throne as Governor General, without being elected. He overthrew the then Prime Minister Khawaja Nazim-ud-Din without any substantial ground and later on dissolved the National Assembly, to establish his sole hegemony over state affairs. Here we are not discussing the formation of the Assembly, our point is the unwarranted removal of the good or bad howsoever it might be, its dissolution was illegal and unwarranted. Moulvi Tameez-ud-din the then Speaker of the Assembly went to Sindh High court against the dissolution of the Assembly and won his case. The Cabinet of Ghulam Muhammad didn’t accept this decision and went to the apex court, which after hearing overturned the decision of High Court. Thus  Ghulam Muhammad was successful in flouting the justice and merit and push the nascent state to chaos and anarchy. Justice Munir, the then Chief Justice of Supreme Court and head of the bench nullified the verdict of Sindh High Court and established the unlawful authority of the puppet Governor General. After sometime General Ayoob Khan toppled the government and held the reins of state, promulgated Martial Law . General Ayoob khan under the pretext to reinstate the civil rule introduced a novel system of basic democracy. Actually it was interim arrangement to get elected as President and defeat Mother of the nation, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah. General Ayoob churned the waters to satiate his vested motives and went to the extent to name the Mother of the Nation as traitor, this nefarious act earned public wrath and resultantly  Ayoob Khan could not bear the brunt of public agony and had to resign. He was too shrewd to have revenge and entrusted the reign to a drunkard Army Chief, whose axe fell on the public and country’s neck to segregate the state in two parts. The fall of Dhaka is an unnatural phenomenon, the after effects of stigmatic fall we still face and our head falls in sheer ignominy and utter shame. After Zahya Khan Zia-ul-Haq  trampled the constitution under his heavy boots. Musharaf, also, repeated the same scenario to the screen and claimed that his uniform is his skin, which he would not allow to be excoriated but the time made his grips on state affairs too weaker to slip away, now same iron man is homeless and in self exile awaiting his last breathing. Time and tide wait for none. All power players must keep in mind that Pakistan is not a playground to practice as they like, it is a habitat of twenty Million Muslims, whose ancestors have ruled twenty two square lac miles of the world and the spirit of renaissance of Islam is still live and sparking in the ashes amongst their hearts which anytime may get reinvigorated into flames. We often quote examples of the golden era of Hazrat Umar and Umar Bin Abdul Aziz, to magnify the Vista of our vision but here we commit a mistake and forget that the illuminating example of leadership spurred and derivated principles from the unmatched divine vision of the Last Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). They were the faithful followers of the personality, the magnificent commander having unmatched vision, substantiated by divine injunctions. Islam has laid special emphasis on education and excellent health of the believers but the self-styled leaders failed to divert their attention towards both the vital arenas of human life. Health infrastructure is dilapidated and education a forgotten one. We must keep in mind the lesson from the history that wonders and miracles never happen to change the fortune of the country and nation, we will have to strive strenuously to make our fortune a blessed one. Those nations or the stalwarts who endeavor to transgress the sanctity of the constitution never earn respect in the comity of nations but fall in the deep ocean of ignominy and sheer oblivion in the pages of history. We must learn lesson from the nations of the world and pay due respect to the constitution and move ahead to build the state organs to the highest echelon of respect and dignity.