Is Malala a Planted Personality?

By: Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

The episode of Malala’s continued story has caused a great turbulence in civil society of Pakistan.  There are different versions about Malala’s bangful entry in social life.  A majority of people are of the view that Malala has been planted in the civil society and in later stage ‘as has been presumed’ in the politics of Pakistan to assume important and leading role in the country as decision making authority, as proxy of the jewish society.

Daily Dawn management was too curious about the banged entry of Malala in national scenario and international news.  The Dawn sent a delegation of senior journalists to the hometown of Malala.  Senior Journalists undertook a painful investigation and came to the conclusion, with the help of Malala’s doctor.  The detailed Survey revealed that Zia-ud-Din Yousafzai, the father of Malala, wrote a book with the name of Malala on the title page as author of the book.  Actually Zia-ud-Din has written the book with a prior intention to launch it in the name of Malala, when she was nearabout of fourteen and had no ripe vision to impart her thoughts to the Public Dawn reports revealed that Gul-Makai has been re-named as Malala to launch her in social and political arena, it further revealed that Malala is a planted personality to boost her image as learned demagogue to make the public realize the importance of knowledge and stir up the surroundings to get realized that the educated girls are an asset of the nation.  No doubt if this underlying intent, is praiseworthy.  An educated girl is invaluable asset of the nation.  If we want educated society, we are incumbent with the duty to educate our girls, who would inculcate knowledge in our coming generations.  If our coming generations are educated our future would be bright and we as a nation will be able to keep pace with the advancement of the world.  The world is changing fastly and know-how as well as information technology is moving forward with multiplied dimensions.  An educated mother mean an educated coming generation.  Howsoever the magnitude of allegations, the intent to educate the girls is highly commendable.

Now we come to the other side of the picture, the most widespread assumption that Malala has been planted to over-shadow the scenario and have bangful entry into politics to assume the prestigious position of Prime Minister of Pakistan.  People assume the plan is phase-wise.  The Agenda prior to last phase was to aggrandize and eulogize her to such an extent to assume the role of high-centred dignitary, next to the Prime Minister and the winner of Nobel Prize.

Ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif nominated her for Nobel Prize, who was behind the scene the star player, she had earned the Prestigious Prize without any remarkable hurdle.  Prima Facie it seems she has been facilitated to the glorified position under a pre-thought agenda.  For a while we assume that Malala has been promoted under a specific agenda to lead the Pakistan, with hidden intents – to serve the vested designs of Jews and Americans, it is horrifying aspect of the whole picture.

If we believe the Dawn story that Malala, according to DNA of her doctor is the off-spring of a Christian missionary hailing from Poland, have no blood relation with Zia-ud-Din Yousafzai, then the whole scenario grows clear and the speculations of general public and intellectuals, in wider perspective be crystal clear that some behind the screen powers had hidden motives to enthrone Malala to the highest pedestal of power, a sinister and condemnable motive to lead the country to wrong and smashing directions, a horrible nightmare.

No doubt Jews of the world are hell bent to cause severe blows to the Muslims of the world, especially Pakistan and to achieve their nefarious ends, they plan day and night without the wastage of even a single moment, with the collaboration of the Hindus of India and other disgruntled segments of the world who harbour the sinister designs to see Pakistan headway down and their constant parasite.  In furtherance of their condemnable motives Pakistan has been placed in the grey list of FATF and it is their cherished design to never see Pakistan out of grey list, rather to slip into black list.  Their condemnable motives which will never come to be realized.  Pakistan with the Providence of God Almighty rise-up to the status of the state of Madina, a dream which since the inception and creation of Pakistan, the migrants of India while having painful journey towards their beloved homeland had embellished in their eyes.  Their dream will eventually come to be realized into concrete reality, sooner or later.  Inshaallah.