Adnan Siddiqui wants Twitter to verify his account: ‘Adnan Who?’

Adnan Siddiqui has had enough!

The global star, who has worked across various ‘continents’ in his decades long career, still does not have a verified Twitter account and he is looking for answers.

Turning to his Instagram on Tuesday, a perplexed yet sarcastic Adnan asked the micro-blogging app to take his 220 Million fan following in to account.

“Hello @verified @jack,” he directed his message to CEO Jack Dorsey.

“220 million Pakistanis can vouch for me being a big time small actor (or the other way round, as they please)who’s worked across continents. Still not qualified enough to get my handle verified? #adnanwho?” he concluded.

Fans were quick to pour in their comments, asking the actor to not compare his worth against a blue tick mark in front of his username.

“Sir you are more than qualified for people of Pakistan and all the fans across the world, i think that is enough, what is this verified have to do with what someone is good or bad or more dignified. stay blessed,” wrote one.

“And he also has one of the, if not the best collection of suits,” added another.