Torrential rains hit Upper Dir

Bureau Report


DIR: Torrential rains hit most of the Upper parts of the Upper Dir district late on Sunday damaged portions of the main Dir-Kumrat road Kumrat going tourists returned back from the mid way as well standing  crop and fruit orchards.

Most areas including Doog Darra, Sheringal, Gawaldi, Thal, Byar, Usheri Darra, and others received torrential rains due to which water level in streams and nullahs has risen. Main Dir-Kumrat at various places blocked due to occured land slidings and debris that were brought by rains. Dozens of tourists vehicles had returned Back from mid way.

In Doog Darra, road was blocked due to debris brought by the rains. Standing crop of wheat also badly damaged and fruits orchards have also destroyed.

In Sheringal water level in streams and River Panjkora has risen due to which a low level of flood has been witnessed. The torrential and devastating rain also made damages in Usheri Darra and out skirts of Dir city. The rains brought debris to the Dir-Kumrat road at various places owing to which smooth flow of traffic has also badly effected. As traffic remained suspended for more than an hour due to which long queues of vehicles at both sides of the road were witnessed.Though, the torrential rains damaged crops, fruits orchards, roads in various areas however fortunitly there was not reported any kind of casualty across the district.