Neglectful Parenting Style and it’s effects

By: Sara Rehman

Uninvolved parenting style-also called as neglectful parenting style, which give a more negative sense, is a style in which parents do not respond or pay attention to the basic needs whether they are emotional or physical needs and desires of the child. The child of uninvolved parents receive little guidance, discipline and nurturing from their parents. And oftentimes kids are left to raise themselves and make big or small decisions on their own. Uninvolved parents show little responsiveness towards their children. Many parents are overstressed, tired, and overworked but it does not mean that they are involved parents.
There are some signs and characteristics of uninvolved parents. Parents are more focused on their desires and problems. Whether, it is work, a social life apart from kids or other interests and problems, they are conscious about their affairs, therefore they are unresponsive and give little time to their children. Lack of emotional attachment with the child. An emotional attachment between parents and children is naturally but uninvolved parents think that this bond is instinctual. The parents fail to make strong cling with their children. They think that only food, shelter, clothes are necessary for their development. Lack of interest in child activities. When a child does some outstanding or initiate some activity, they need some attention and affection from their parents. But uninvolved parents are always busy with their work and do not pay attention to their children. They might skip their sports game or fail to show up for parent-teacher meetings. Spending more time on social media. The crucial cause of uninvolved parenting is the high use of social media and mobile phones. When parents came from a job instead of spending time with their kids, they are busy with mobile phones and social media.
The uninvolved parenting leaves some awful psychological impact on children. Children require love, attention and encouragement to flourish. So it’s no shocking that uninvolved parenting have a negative impact on the children. Lack of affection and attention at a young age can lead to low self-esteem or emotional neediness in other relationships. They are unable to develop social skills. Due to lack of family support they don’t develop confidence which affects their academic life. According to freud, early stages of childhood are important for personality development if there are crises in this stages abnormal personality is developed. They have always a regret that their parents do not love them. They fail to develop emotionally and physically which impacts badly on their lives and mind.
How to respond:
Uninvolved parenting leaves negative marks on the child if you are raised by uninvolved parents, you also fear repeating these things with your kids. There are some skills and strategies to improve your parenting style. For example, parents should learn about parenting styles. They should take parenting classes. Take a therapy from professional mental psychologist, this will help you to contextualize and built new skills. Make an active effort to spend time with your child. This will help in making stronger bond with your child. Listen to them and learn about their activities and problems.