Not easy to make a comeback after motherhood: Bisma Maroof

Pakistan national women’s cricket squad captain Bisma Maroof is back in action again after a break and has proved to be absolutely fit during the training camp set up for the preparations of the International Cricket Council (ICC) Women’s Cricket World Cup.

Bisma has rejoined the national women’s squad as the captain after maternity leave. In her absence, Javeria Khan captained the national women’s squad.

While speaking to, the cricketer said that she is over the moon on being back with her squad. She said her excitement is even greater because she has made a comeback after becoming a mother.

She admitted things become complicated for sportswomen after marriage and motherhood, but encouraged women in the field of sports to continue their career after motherhood if they want. She said, however, that support from one’s husband and family is essential.

“A come back becomes difficult for sportswomen after motherhood not only in Pakistan but all over Asia,” Bisma said.

She said that this involves a number of factors, including the sportswomen’s inability to maintain fitness, lack of support from her family and absence of parental leave policies in sports boards.

Bisma said she is lucky that she didn’t have to face any of these hurdles and that she is now looking forward to inspire her peers to return to the field as it is not impossible.

She thanked the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for devising a parental leave policy, saying it would have otherwise been difficult for her to return.

“I have been supported [by the PCB] in my decision to return to the field and I will be able to bring my mother with me [on the World Cup tour] to look after my daughter so I can focus on the game,” Bisma said.