AJK achieved goal of economic self-sufficiency in four years: PM

Our Correspondent

MUZAFFARABAD: The Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan on Thursday said that Azad Kashmir has achieved the goal of economic self-sufficiency in four years. All over the world, including Pakistan, the economy is currently in trouble and tax targets have not been met but exceeding the tax targets within Azad Kashmir proves that the government has established the best financial discipline that has led to this milestone, he said. “Despite all the hardships and difficulties, the government of Azad Kashmir achieved the target of tax collection, the shortfall that was feared did not happen and we collected the tax as per our target, which is an encouraging development” he added.

Addressing the oath-taking ceremony of Azad Kashmir District Bar Association Bagh, the Premier said that, in the last four years, we have worked out a strategy, set our priorities and made long-term policy improvements in the administrative, financial and development sectors, the results of which are being seen on the ground. The Prime Minister administered oath to the newly elected officials of District Bar Bagh, President Sardar Azam, General Secretary Chaudhary Taaruf and other officials.

While expressing his views, the prime minister said that, role of lawyers is very important in upholding the rule of law and justice to the people. Lawyers are the benefactors of society, they can play a pivotal role in raising awareness among the people.

The premier while lauding the role of lawyers said that, “I am grateful to the legal community for their assurance of cooperation in important matters, I am also grateful to lawyers for their full support for the constitutional amendments. There can be absolutely no compromise on the executive authority of the Azad Kashmir government”, he maintained.

Meanwhile, the premier said that, “No draft has been finalized yet regarding the 14th amendment. The draft that has come out is not authentic. There is a procedure in the constitution for making a constitution for which the consultation of lawyers and other political parties will be ensured”. The constitution is an evolutionary process in which changes and improvements are made, we will bring it in consultation, and it is no secret. The executive authority will remain with the Azad Kashmir government, he added.

While condemning the Sopore incident, the premier said that, the manner in which unarmed children are being shot at in front of their elders is being massacred, this is the worst example. If the world can be shaken by the drowning of a child on the shore, then the blood of Kashmiris is not so cheap. The civilized world should listen to the cry of this child, otherwise the world will regret tomorrow.