12-year-old Kashmiri girl win heart with tremendous act of honesty

Special Correspondent

A 12-year-old Kashmiri girl touched hearts with an act of tremendous honesty. The girl returned the bag full of foreign currency to its owner in Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

Samiya Batool, a sixth-grader, was headed to school when she found a bag in Nullah Baan, in the Sairy Khoi Ratta area of Kotli. She brought it back home and informed her parents about the bag. Her relatives inspected the bag and found the foreign currency worth Rs.4 million. The bag also had some papers in it. The family traced the owner of the bag through the papers.

The owner of the bag Sohail Armani so much impressed with the honesty of the girl that he gave her Rs.100,000 as a reward. Sohail said that he had lost his bag five months ago that had foreign currency in it and some important documents.

Armani said that he tried his best to locate his bag but failed. He had lost hope but then received the call from Samiya’s family. He said that he was really impressed with the girl who belonged to a humble background. She set a great example of honesty.

The story of Samiya went viral on social media and she became a star in her community. Health Minister Nisar Ansar Abdali visited her home and informed her that the government will pay her school fees for life.

Back in 2020, a Pakistani taxi driver’s honesty in Dubai had made him a hero as he returned a purse full of cash and valuable documents to an Indian girl, who had forgotten the articles in his cab’s backseat, Gulf News reported.

According to the UAE publication, Raechel Rose, a law student at Lancaster University, was on her way to attend a friend’s birthday party on January 4 when she left the wallet in Modassar Khadim‘s cab. A few minutes later, Rose noticed that her purse was missing. The purse had her UK student visa, her Emirates ID, UAE driving license, health insurance card, credit card, and more than 1,000 Dirhams in various currencies.