British trophy hunters kill animals every three minutes, claim it helps conservation in Africa

A six-month-long investigation finds that UK firms are selling “trophy-hunting holidays” for tens of thousands of dollars, where endangered animals such as lions and polar bears, are held captive and shot in enclosures, according to the Daily Mail.

Pro-hunting activists claim that the activity “helps” conservation in Africa, but many British hunters have shot monkeys and cats for “fun”, many of which die painful and slow deaths.

Tory MP Sir Roger Gale says the findings prove that British hunters’ motivation is solely based on “self-gratification of the most revolting kind”.

Further, the companies funding hunting holidays make millions of pounds, whereas the cooks, maids and skinners only earn a few hundred — showing similar inequalities to the apartheid era.

However, a plan to cease importing trophies to the UK was presented to Parliament earlier this month.

If the bill passes, British hunters will be banned from bringing animal skins, heads and carcasses into the UK.

British hunters are defending their stance, claiming that hunting helps the countries’ economies in which they hunt.