Sri Lanka will host the Asia Cup 2022 in the United Arab Emirates.

Due to the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, the Asia Cup has been moved out of the country, but Sri Lanka will retain the hosting rights.

The Asian Cricket Council has affirmed that the Asia Cup will be held with original hosts Sri Lanka holding the hosting rights in the United Arab Emirates. Now this tournament will be held between August 27 and September 11.

Asian Cricket Council (ACC) President Jay Shah said in a press release on Wednesday, “Every effort was made to host the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka and the decision to shift the venue to the United Arab Emirates was taken after much consideration. “The UAE will be the new venue while Sri Lanka will retain the hosting rights.”

“This edition of the Asia Cup is extremely important as it will help Asian nations prepare for the ICC World Cup, and I thank the SLC and the Emirates Cricket Board for their understanding and cooperation.”

The ACC also expressed its consensus with Sri Lanka Cricket in the press release.

He said that, “The ACC is mindful of the passionate Sri Lankan fans, hence the final decision to change the venue has been very difficult, but has been one that was deemed necessary. However, the thoughts of all ACC members remain in solidarity with the cricket-loving nation of Sri Lanka.”

While Sri Lanka are hosting Pakistan currently and also successfully completed a series at home against Australia recently, the nine-team tournament poses a huge challenge in the current scenario. UAE has been a favoured backup country for hosting major tournaments, with India hosting the 2021 T20 World Cup in the country.