AIMS official allegedly harassed women

Chief Security officer’s alleged chats with women got viral ED AIMS termed whole chapter as a propaganda Civil society demands forensic investigations

M. Saddique

MUZAFFARABAD: AIMS Hospital employee allegedly involved in harassing the women on the name of jobs and diplomas, sources revealed here on Sunday. Chief Technician appointed at AIMS has been exposed as his chats with women went viral on social media. Civil society raised a number of questions after the screen shots got viral. While responding the anger of civil society, Executive Director AIMS filed an application to SSP office for investigation while terming all the saga as a propaganda.

According to detail, Chief Technician Officer and Chief Security Officer AIMS, Syed Sajjad Naqvi has been allegedly harassing the women. His Facebook and WhatsApp chats got viral few days back, but he is of the view that his social media accounts were hacked and the chats which are surfacing currently are not belonging to him. However, the said official has been facing the allegations of offering jobs to women by harassing them. He is also alleged for doing the business of fake diplomas.

An allegedly harassed woman told Country News that, Syed Sajjad Naqvi, in 2019, offered her to maintain physical relation with him and he would give her a job in return. A fake selection board has been established inside the hospital for harassing the women on the name of jobs, she added.
Daily Country News approached the said official on the issue. He said that his Facebook and WhatsApp accounts were hacked, therefore the screen shots of chats which are surfacing on social media are not belonging to him. However, the sources have confirmed that the woman who was harassed by the said officials is being pressurized by the administration of hospital.

Executive Director AIMS is of the view that the chats which are surfacing on social media are fake. He termed the whole saga as a propaganda against the hospital. The Executive Director is terming it a propaganda without doing investigation. ED is of the view that no one asked him to investigate the matter, that’s why he did not take any action against the alleged official. He told the media persons that the Chief Technician, Syed Sajjad Naqvi presented himself and told that a fake chat is surfacing on social media. Therefore, the matter has been handed over to Police for further investigation on propaganda against the officials.

The allegedly harassed woman is not employee of the hospital. In fact, she was harassed for job and diploma.
Police is of the view that an application has been received from ED AIMS. Actions would be taken according to the subject of the application. However, civil society is of the view that authorities should not investigate the issue on the basis of application submitted by ED AIMS. Instead, the viral screen shot should be sent for forensic.