10% tax increase on tobacco reduces the tendency of young people to smoke by 15 percent%

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: General Secretary Pakistan National Heart Association Sanaullah Ghman said that the foundation of any nation is the young generation. If the foundation is strong then the building will be sustainable. According to Pakistan Medical Association, 1.5 million cases of oral cancer due to tobacco use have been reported. Imposing a smoking practice will help save the country’s foundations from being eroded. Talking to reporters yesterday, Sanaullah Ghman said that we belong to a developing country, where children are exposed to pockets on a daily basis. Expensive tobacco costs will reduce the ability of children with limited resources or limited incomes to buy tobacco, according to a research report by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). 4 out of 5 people start smoking before the age of 18. While 1 in 100 people turn to smoking after the age of 26, research shows that a 10% increase in cigarette prices reduces smoking by 15% among young people under the age of 18, more than 100 International studies  has been proved that the best strategy to curb smoking is to make tobacco more expensive and keep it out of the reach of the people. Leaders of the Pakistani people, the leader means to unite the nation, so we appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan to save the children of the nation from the future, to play an effective role in preventing smoking, the nations that are indifferent to their new generation. Starting with the practice of cigarettes will help keep the common man away from smoking.