Mushaal Malik slams ‘Bloodthirsty’ Modi for Kashmiris’ massacre

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Mushaal Hussein Malik, wife of detained Kashmiri leader Mohammad Yasin Malik lashed out at the ‘bloodthirsty’ Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who she said was committing war crimes by massacring Kashmiri people in the occupied valley.The Peace and Culture Organisation chairperson said in a statement on Tuesday that Indian barbaric forces are genociding the innocent Kashmirs in the garb of Coronavirus.She said that two more Kashmiris were martyred in false flag operations in the occupied valley. The Indian forces have also destroyed fifteen houses of Kashmirs, she added.The Chairperson also said that Indian forces not only martyred Kashimiris but also weakened them financially by destroying their businesses.She said that Indian brutal forces are committing the war crimes by martyring Kashmiris in the guise of Coronavirus.Mushaal also recalled that uncivilized forces are also looting valuables including jewelries from the houses of Kashmiris during raids.She expressed her announce over the continued silence of the UN and other human rights organizations despite the rising atrocities and human violations by Indian forces in the valley.She demanded that the world powers, UN and human right organizations should force the Indian government to stop the ongoing barbarism and ensure implementation of the UN resolutions forthwith.