PML-N Chakswari supporters not to vote for former candidate for AJK LA: Yaqoob Gujjar

Special Correspondent

ISLAMGARH: The supporters of PML-N AJK Chakswari will not vote for former candidate for Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly (AJKLA) because he is a controversial personality, said the Vice President PML-N AJK Mirpur, Sufi Yaqoob Gujjar; Senior Vice President, Chaudhry Arshad; and President PML-N UC Faizpur Sharif, Chaudhry Basharat here on Monday. They expressed in their joint statement released from Islamgarh. They said that due to the incompetency of PML-N’s candidate the constituency of Chakswari is facing irreplaceable loss. 50% masses of Chakswari even don’t know the candidate of PML-N from here. Besides this, candidate’s behavior towards voters is a great threat for the vote bank. Party leadership should announce a new candidate so that the party can start election campaign, they further said.