Greater Pakistan

By: Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan

Tehreek Insaf government is passing through the crucial period and it may revert to the situation, which has faced with PPP and PML(N). Just like Bhutto Imran Khan enchanted the people by his revolutionary slogans. Masses of lower strata of society got enthusiastic by Imran Khan’s slogans and dreamt of a society based on justice, equity, fair play, leading the nation to the eradication of corruption, unemployment and equal opportunities to play well and flourish in the justice based atmosphere. No doubt Imran Khan has struggled hard even at the cost of his family pleasure. There are no two opinions that he could lead the life of a well to do person, free of difficulties but he had chosen the path of trials and tribulations. He sincerely wanted a complete change in societal structure to bring happiness in the life of downtrodden and depressed people. His quarter century long struggle aimed at the realization of the dream of greater Pakistan. Sophists argue the people to believe that he is a picked up Prime Minister and not the real winner. Close analysis of election procedure reveals that his earned seats in lower house are the really won numbers and there is no secret pick and choose game in his enthronement. If there had pick and choose game then PML(N) could not, be able to win south Punjab. Elections results have painted the real picture, which if disturbed would have been different and might have been adopted the formation of two third or sweeping majority. As soon as PM Imran Khan sworn in the period of trials and tribulations started because people wanted the change in single exercise. The picture of change which Imran Khan had painted during election campaign is not so easy as it seemed during these days. Prime Minister Bhutto ,alse, dreamt of the same change and he was really interested in the real change, but like Imran Khan he was not aware of the hidden impediments in his way. Whenever he moved forward towards the realization of his goals he found himself standing at cross roads, one dilemma after another became the series of awkward situation to baffle him. Although Bhutto remained steadfast and moved towards destination, had travelled a lot and was nearing to success, that Zia ul Haq toppled him which ultimately assassinated Bhutto to lay in eternal peace-Bhutto was punished for his revolutionary thoughts, of seeing Pakistan a greater atomic power. His soul went to eternal peace but his glorious deed bore fruit and Pakistan got a sovereign constitution and nuclear status. Pakistan got prominent position in the comity of nations during Bhutto’s reign. To paint the foregoing scenario does not necessarily intend to portray that “God forbids” Imran Khan may meet the same fate. Sentimental and societal structure of Pakistan is quite different than that of other states of the world. The privileged strata of our eight pronged society is not ready to draw back its fangs from the flesh of the lower one, they want an exuberant gorgeous lifestyle not on their own struggle, working and merit but on the earnings of masses. In Pakistan the upper strata is extraordinary privileged due to being a constant parasite of under privileged, they are so accustomed to the blood and flesh of under privileged that now it is impossible for them to live without it, they are not ready to leave this sinister habit-the lazy vulture will at all costs notch the flesh of the poor. In every service group there is hegemony of some certain families, who have not been raised to the privileged posts on merit but with sinister machinations and maneuverings. These groups are not saddled with any national responsibility except thinking how to enhance their salaries, fringe benefits achievement of precious plots and financial authority by fleecing the national exchequer, like the lazy lizard keep sleeping and when hungry devour every creature. Imran Khan is no doubt exclusively determined to bring the real change but he will have to be extraordinary vigilant of under the sleeve enemies. His first and foremost incumbency is to rusticate corruption from government structure, which is a cumbersome task, if succeeded in the eradication of corrupt elements, then millstone of destinations will be visible hallmark of success. If Imran Khan is intervened moving towards the realization of the dream of New Pakistan, then the destination of Greater Pakistan will be far remote and blurred taking quarter century more to resume the struggle. P.M Imran Khan has projected Kashmir issue in a forceful way and had succeeded to divert the world attention towards a chronic and painful issue of near about 9 million helpless Kashmiris. I.O Kashmir is groaning under the suppressive Indian policies. Modi is hell-bent to aggravate the aggression against besieged Kashmiris of I.O k. Imran Khan,s vibrant voice has shaken the world conscience to perceive the miseries of Kashmiri brethren, yet he will have to give accelerated velocity to the burning issue, to get plebiscite for the suppressed Kashimiri community. Justice, merit and good governance are the only policy norms which can lead the nation towards greater Pakistan. Can Imran Khan observe these principles? Can we move towards the goal of being like Madina State?