CCTV footage shows customers miraculously survives firing by robbers in Karachi

Bureau Report

KARACHI: The unknown assailants tried to rob a sweet shop situated at Sir Syed area of Karachi here on Tuesday.

According to details, the three suspects entered the shop and tried to loot the owner of the sweet shop and other customers who were present at the shop.

Surveillance video of the robbery attempt showed that three suspects entered the shop and one of them tried to snatch a weapon from one security guard.

The security guards of the shop foiled the robbery attempt by opening fire on the criminals. One of the robbers got critically injured and succumbed to his wounds in the hospital.

The suspects planned to rob the shop as they thought that there was one only security guard in the shop. The other suspect shouted that there was another security guard as well. Grabbing the opportunity, the first security guard opened fire on the suspects.

During the incident, women, children and other customers laid down on the floor when a gunshot rang in the shop.

Meanwhile, the other security guard also opened fire on the suspect leaving one of the robbers badly injured.

Upon being informed police reached the spot and shifted the injured suspect to a nearby hospital.