SEs conference discusses facilitation to consumers

Special Reporter


PESHAWAR: A meeting presided over by Chief Executive Pesco  Engineer  Muhammad Jabbar Khan was held at Wapda House Peshawar.Chief Engineer Operation Khadim Hussain ,all Superintending Engineers  and Pesco’s Senior Officer attended the meeting. The important steps taken to facilitate consumers were discussed in detail. Strategy plan discussed to reduce Line Losses.

CEO further said that create awareness among the public against the kunda culture so as to provide more and more relief in load sheddingCEO said that Pesco is striving its best to provide uninterruptible power supply to the customers for which important steps have been taken.

However Public is also requested, to conserve energy by means of less consumption. CEO directed the SEs to reduce losses,Enhance Recovery and implementation of 100% EROs. CEO ordered to implement 100% photo meter reading to resolve consumers over billing complaints. Proposals discussed for replacement of defective meters .CEO urged to provide facilities to public and guide them in resolving  their electricity problems at their door steps. He stressed that by implementing and adopting precautionary measures including safety rules and regulations, fatal accidents can be avoided and precious lives of employees could be secured. He further said that line staff must ensure the safety measures with letter & sprit

CEO Pesco emphasized that Pesco’s employees have to work as a team with honesty and dedication. He said the employees with the poor performance will face the consequences while employees with good performance will be rewarded accordingly.