10 years old girl drowns in Mangla dam 

Special Correspondent



ISLAMGARH: 10 years old daughter of Inayat Shah, a resident of Neelum Valley, drowned in Mangla dam here on Thursday. The girl named Afasana Bibi was drowned in Mangla dam near Potha Bheensi. The dead body recovered from dam later on.

According to detail the resident of Neelum Valley Inayat Shah is settled in Potha Bheensi for job purpose. His daughters were playing at the bank of Mangla dam when one of them fell in the dam. The elder daughter, whose age is 14 years, jumped into water to rescue her sister but failed in doing so. She was also drowned but the people who gathered at the occasion successfully rescued her but her sister could not be rescued. Senior officials of administration reached at the spot and inspected the situation.