Delay in GB’s elections failure of federal govt: Amjad Hussain

Special Correspondent

GILGIT: Postponement of Gilgit Baltistan Assembly Election was failure of federal government. Amjad Hussain Advocate president of PPP GB on Sunday said that the federal ruling party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf was feeling fear of defeat in general election, therefore it used its power and announced to postpone election ,which was fixed on 18 August 2020, he added. He said Pakistan people’s party is in a position to win the election and would form the government without any coalition of a political party. Due to delay in appointment of Chief Election Commissioner and approval of election rules the election commission Gilgit Baltistan failed to complete the election process in due time, therefore the election schedule has been postponed Amjad Advocate added. He said in all parties conference organized by election commission all political parties opposed the official opinion of delaying the election schedule but ruling party succeeded to postpone election. It shows that ruling party was unable to contest the election and has no position to face the main stream political parties particularly PPP Gilgit Baltistan. He said ruling party was divided in so many groups particularly president Jafar Shah group and Governor Raja Jalal group were busy in party matter controversies while Central leadership divided on said issue, therefor election has been postponed till the settlement of the party internal issues. He said people’s party is the only strongest party in current election situation Which has 3 or 4 candidates in all 24 constituencies while ruling party searching candidates and electable in other parties. They used all tactics for PPP electable, but failed to change their loyalty, he informed