Sardar Yaqoob Khan urges UN to stop India’s belligerence in IOK

Staff Reporter


ISLAMABAD: The former President Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Yaqoob Khan has said that the eternal love of Kashmiris for Pakistan is always expressed, that is why Kashmiris all over the world are celebrating Pakistan Accession Day today. He said that Kashmiris all over the world hold rallies on this important day and raise their voice against Indian aggression. He expressed these views in an interview to PTV News.

Former President Sardar Yaqub Khan has said that on this day, July 19, 1947, Kashmiris had ideologically forged a relationship with Pakistan, which Indian domination tried to crush, but even after 72 years, they did not break this strong cord. “July 19, 1947, A month before the formation of Pakistan, Kashmiris had decided to join Pakistan on which they are still standing 72 years later”, he added.

He said that, we were Pakistanis before Pakistan was formed. The former president said that India had tried all kinds of atrocities to break the relationship of Kashmiris with Pakistan. That is why India has oppressed Kashmiris for more than half a century. Millions of Kashmiris were martyred while chanting slogans of independence but still today the Kashmiri people are celebrating Pakistan Accession Day like every year.

After the creation of Pakistan, India deprived the Kashmiris of their right to self-determination. “Kashmiris in every protest wave Pakistani flags to prove to the world that Kashmir was Pakistan yesterday, it is today and will remain so”, he added.

He further said that, everyday Kashmiri’s were sacrificing their lives for their noble cause but criminal silence of international community over prevailing situation in Occupied Kashmir was beyond understanding. Kashmiri’s reserve all the rights to get their right to self-determination in accordance with the UN resolutions, he added.