UN should fulfill its responsibilities regarding Kashmir issue: PM AJK

Special Correspondent


MUZAFFARABAD: The  Prime Minster Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan has called upon the United Nations to fulfill its responsibilities and allow the Kashmiri people to exercise their right of franchise in accordance with  UN relevant resolutions.

In a statement issued here on Monday, the prime minister made it clear that kashmiri people will not accept any division of Kashmir, and will continue their struggle for the complete liberation of occupied Kashmir and entire state accession to Pakistan. Kashmiri people have been offering unprecedented sacrifices to liberate occupied Kashmir from Indian clutches he added.  The Prime Minister said the government of PML(N) in Azad Kashmir is bound to safeguard the rights of the people and will channelize all available resources for the wellbeing of the people of Azad Kashmir.

The Prime Minister made it clear that ignominy of the Accession to Pakistan resolution will not be tolerated at any cost and any persons involve in disgracing the accession to Pakistan resolution will be punished according to the laws of the land .He said the government of Muslim leage (N)   as a party will fulfill its  ideological responsibility and  will safeguard the rights of the people.He  said that the land of Rawalakot is the land of Shoudha   and Ghazi and people of this areas have played a tremendous  role in the liberation movement in overthrowing the  Dogra despotic rulers.