Habib Jan denies involvement in Arshad Pappu’s murder

Special Reporter

LONDON: Uzair Baloch’s associate Habib Jan Baloch has said that he was in London when Layari gangster Arshad Pappu was murdered around eight years ago.

Speaking to The News and Geo, Habib said that an anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Karachi has declared him, along with several associates of Lyari kingpin Uzair Baloch, as wanted suspects in the murder case of Arshad Pappu.

However, he denied involvement in the murder. “I was in London when Arshed Pappu was killed and I condemned his murder. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is aware and the UK government can confirm that I was in London when his [Arshad Pappu] killing happened,” he said.

Habib, who also features in both Joint Investigation Team (JIT) reports as a key associate of Uzair Baloch, said he has been named in several First Information Reports (FIRs) since he started speaking out against ‘injustice’ from 2010 onwards.

“In Pakistan, it’s normal for people to have cases registered against them when governments and authorities don’t like them. My name has been mentioned in several FIRs for the time period when I was in London,” he stated. “I had nothing to do with the murder of Arshad Pappu and I have always condemned it. Uzair has condemned it too. Arshad Pappu was killed by a mob and there should be a fair investigation into what had happened then,” he added.

Habib said that Uzair provided help to senior PPP leadership, as well as the PTI, from 2011 onwards. His pictures have emerged in which Habib can be seen addressing PTI rallies in London. He has also said that Uzair provided manpower to PTI leaders Faisal Vawda, Ali Zaidi and others for their rallies in Karachi.

Habib had further spoken of an agreement that allegedly took place in London in 2011 after Imran Khan and Zulfikar Mirza spoke over the phone and a decision was taken to support the PTI.

Both the PPP and the PTI leaderships have not denied that Uzair helped them.

Habib told this correspondent that there will be no challenge from the PTI and the PPP leadership because they know the truth. “I challenge PTI leaders to take me to court in London if I am lying. I challenge them to take me to any international forum. I have already spoken to my lawyers. Rehman Malik cannot deny what I said because Shaukat Dar, President of Pakistan Press Club UK, is a witness to what Rehman Malik had spoken to me in London.”

After two JIT reports made rounds and sparked discussions for a week on the allegations made in the reports.

Uzair last week denied ever making any confessional statements. The JIT reports said that the notorious gangster had confessed to killing nearly 200 people but Uzair denied he ever made a confessional statement when presented before the court.

Habib said he had said in advance that Uzair would deny all allegations, in a Geo interview, because “JITs on him are table stories”.

“I knew Uzair will condemn both JITs because allegations made in the JITs are ludicrous. Uzair should be given right to a free and open trial. Table stories will not help. The way forward is to make a commission on the South African style to establish facts. Pakistan needs truth and reconciliation,” he added.