Sana Ullah Ghuman appeals PM to ban e-cigarettes

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Sanaullah Ghuman, general secretary of the Pakistan National Heart Association (PANAH), said that despite a petition sent to Prime Minister Imran Khan by 200 health professionals from the asylum platform to ban e-cigarettes,but the 25 per cent tax was imposed. Reflecting that health policy is not a priority of the government, we appeal to the Prime Minister to protect the health of the nation by banning e-cigarettes. In a meeting organized by Panah, Sanaullah Ghuman told the members that banning e-cigarettes needs time. Health and education are the top priorities of the government and the people. Your actions determine your direction. The Government should impose an immediate ban on the people, especially the younger generation, to protect them from drug addiction and E-cigarette addiction. Cigarettes are very easy for children to access, they hide them from their parents, put them in a bag, take them to school and college, etc., and use them in their spare time to risk their lives. The highest number of cigarette users is in schools He added that according to research by experts at the American School of Rochester Medical Center, the flavors used in e-cigarettes destroy white blood cells in the human body. Chemicals found in various flavors of E -cigarettes affect diseases such as heart attack, cancer, DNA, pregnancy in women, as well as respiratory diseases and neurological impairment. The sale of cigarettes is banned, while Pakistan Kashmir is one of the 66 countries where the use of e-cigarettes is not banned in any way. If E-cigarettes get legal status in the country, it will be a great injustice to the future of the young generation. Expenditure on health due to tobacco has exceeded 190 billion, if E-cigarettes are not banned, it will increase further. He appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to secure the future of his new generation by imposing a complete ban on the import, export and sale ofE-cigarettes