Deputy Mayors Islamabad inspect cattle market at Tramari

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: On special directions of Mayor Islamabad, Sheikh Ansar Aziz, Deputy Mayors Islamabad Chaudhry Riffat Javed and Syed Zeeshan Ali Naqvi visited the cattle market and Tramari here on Monday. They took the notice of setting up the Metropolitan Complaint Cell far away from the market and directed the cell in charge to set up the cell at the gate of market. They also inspected the implementation on SOPs at the occasion. According to detail, both the Deputy Mayors along with media coordinator, Syed Mohsin Sherazi and Chairman Union Councils visited the cattle market. During their visit they listened the issues and problems being faced by the customers and directed for their prompt resolution. Speaking at the occasion, they said that due to the current situation caused by the spread of coronavirus pandemic MCI could not set up the central cattle market. However, to facilitate the citizens, upon the special directions of Mayor Islamabad Sheikh Ansar Aziz, small cattle markets have been setup at four union councils. All the devised SOPs against the spread of coronavirus pandemic must be followed. Those who would not follow the SOPs will have to face strict music. The main purpose of setting up small cattle markets at different sites is to avoid the rush of people so that the chances of the spread of coronavirus could be minimized. The sanitation department of MCI is working continuously to maintain the cleanliness in the cattle markets, they further said.